Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 'Secret' Benefits

Ever Moist TM is a product one should not be without!

The "Secret" is it's simplicity. Everyone thinks you need man made chemicals for products to work. Ever Moist TM works because of its NATURAL ingredients used for centuries! Most companies think they have to put man's knowledge into products for them to benefit. Some of our planet's God given varieties of plants have their own medicinal properties that work..... all on their own!

Some of the benefits of Ever Moist TM are easy to ascertain, because Aloe has for centuries been a healer and moisturizer! But we have packaged and connected 2 NATURAL products together for their healing advantages to you and your animals.

Ever Moist TM has specific benefits because of the aloe base!

  • Ease of use - Spray
  • Stops pain from burns immediately without having to touch or open a jar
  • Spray on dry places on skin for healing and moisture

Ever Moist TM has specific benefits because of the Tea Tree extract!

  • Natural Antiseptic properties
  • Works to keep bacteria and fungus under control
  • Works even for acne therapy - healing without being too drying

Ever Moist TM can take the place of an enormous amount of products that may not be half as good. Check it out for yourself by clicking favorite links!! See other blog post for current Contest for testimonials.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Born Too Fly LLC manufacturer of Ever Moist™ is offering cash awards for testimonials to use of the product.

Ever Moist™ is an all natural product for healing and moisturizing skin both on people and pets. Created for healing horse’s hooves, it is now used for Everything!

Our plan is for every 3 months to pick one Testimonial and award 500 dollars cash to the winner. Rules for Testimonial Competition are listed below.


500 Dollars cash for the most impressive testimonial for the use of Ever Moist™.

Entry fee: One Ever Moist™ label.

Proof: Videos, pictures and/or witnesses must also be provided for evidence to prove your testimonial. Dates of when you started using Ever Moist™ and a daily log of the application of Ever Moist™ must be provided as well.

Enter as many testimonials as you wish. Once a winner is selected, you must submit a new testimonial for the following contest, or re-submit one previously sent.

You may make the testimonial as short as you wish but please do not go over 500 words.

All testimonials will be listed on We reserve the right to content of all testimonials received. Reason: so we can use them in advertising.

Testimonial chosen will be placed strategically on web site, used in brochures, used in stories for newspaper articles, and the winner will be sent to 5 magazines (the writer of the testimonial can request which magazine) Born Too Fly LLC has the final say as to which magazine the testimonial will be sent to.

Latest winner.........See on

“Mesquite” was destined for the rainbow bridge.....The vet predicted that he had a broken coffin bone and recommended surgery. His feet were very hard and dry, and it was difficult to really tell what the problem was upon first inspection.

Ever Moist™ was applied as a soak over night. The next morning we were able to remove enough bar and sole to reveal a mesquite thorn embedded perpendicular into his hoof at the apex of the frog, penetrating his coffin bone. The bar of the hoof had grown over the thorn so it was not evident from initial superficial inspection. The thorn was removed and Ever Moist™ was reapplied and he was turned out. He has been fine ever since with no recurring lameness! His post trims show evidence of a normal hoof!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gebo’s retailing New Product with Ancient Secret Formula

Suffer from skin aliments no more! Are your hands and heels dry and scaly? Have you had burns, psoriasis, or eczema? Are your horse’s hooves dry and cracked, or does your dog suffer from flaky skin or hot spots? You can now find Ever Moist™ at Gebo’s Farm Stores which will assuage these problems.

Ever Moist™ is aloe vera in its purest form with a hint of tea tree oil for antibacterial and antifungal properties. The aloe plant has been used for centuries as a healing agent, with Cleopatra demanding it for her bath, now available in an easy to use spray as Ever Moist™. Invented by farrier Mechelle Holland from Kress, Texas, Ever Moist™ was first and foremost a product to alleviate her problem when trimming very dry horse’s hooves.

Since marketing Ever Moist™ for the past 5 years customers from California to New York have found that the ancient old attributes of Aloe Vera, combined with the tea tree oil have given them relief from such anomalies as sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, acne, arthritis, stove burns, and minor muscle pain on themselves, along with all the benefits provided to their horses, dogs, cats, and pigs.

Born Too Fly LLC is a woman owned company manufacturing Ever Moist™ in Kress, Texas. You can visit your Gebo’s store for brochures, testimonies, and to purchase your bottle of Ever Moist™. 17 Gebo Locations - see website for list of all stores carrying Ever Moist™.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The little guy can compete with the Giants.

Dreaming Big

The information below is a great story of how Dreamers do win if they are persistent and do what they truly love to do. Horses are my passion and they have attributed to my invention that is helping them. So many individuals that are using Ever Moist will tell you the simplicity and amazing ability it has of working sends other products to the trash bin.

There is no simpler more natural product on the market. Ever Moist is THE product of the century and ironically the ingredients are ancient! We only chose not to include any of the man-made chemicals that so many other products have.

Our next plan is to get Ever Moist into the hands of more people so their horses will benefit! It just makes CENTS!! Both for your horse and your pocketbook to have a product
that WORKS!

Necessity the Mother of Inventions

Necessity is the mother of all great inventions.

It’s not made the easiest way, but is made My Way! Every bottle of Ever Moist is made with the highest quality of ingredients, all organically grown, cosmetic grade Aloe Vera. Aloe is grown in Mercedes, TX and grown just for Ever Moist. You cannot purchase or find Aloe of this quality anywhere in the world. We own our own manufacturing plant. Quality is our concern. Every bottle is exactly the same quality. We do have to import the Tea Tree Oil from Australia where the trees are grown for the highest quality Tea Tree Oil available. Cost is not of concern, quality is our number 1 concern. Bottles, sprayers, and labels are made in Dallas, TX – Made In America. We are very proud of that fact, and unlike other companies who grow fast and outsource their manufacturing plants and procedures to foreign countries which in effect jeopardize the quality, we will never, no matter the saving potential, move to foreign soil for manufacturing. Having served 4 years in the US Army as an 82nd Airborne Trooper, we are very patriotic to our country. We at Born Too Fly LLC are living the American Dream. From the very first Feed Store in Argyle, TX, we chose not to have a National Distributor. We want to be in control of who is allowed to sell Ever Moist. I have physically been to every store where Ever Moist is carried from San Francisco, CA to Toledo, OH. We have said no to some major chain stores. Hurting or immediate cash flow, we believe in the small store owners – they helped us get our start and we do not want to sell to big chains that in effect hurt the small store owner. In order to keep our expenses down while marketing Ever Moist I have personally driven over 200,000 miles sleeping in my Suburban and showering in Truck Stops across the country.

We started with a small investment from some private individuals that believed in Ever Moist and us. I am proud of the Chevy Suburban that has over 300,000 miles and has not had any major work done to the original motor. Another example of Made In America!

Four years later we have over 200 stores selling Ever Moist and are selling to the world wide market to customers in France, Germany, Norway, UK, Australia, New Zealand and more through word of mouth and the Internet.

Born Too Fly LLC is a woman owned business. Having been a farrier of 20 years, who better to invent a product for horses hooves that actually works! Women seem to have a unique way of “problem solving” without taking things for granted. The products they use and recommend must work, and have something to back it up. Always wanting to help horses is why I became a farrier. From a small child and ever since I can remember, I rode and worked off our horses. The horse is dependent on their hooves being strong and pliable in order for them to expand and contract when the horse moves and bear the weight of the horse. During the hot dry seasons of western Texas the horses’ hooves resulted in being hard and dry to the point of cracking, splitting, and breaking.

When I discovered from all of the experimenting with the hoof products available, and none of them accomplishing the desired effect, I decided to revert to my childhood memories of how we took care of our horses. Having great grandmothers of Indian ancestry who always grew aloe vera and used it for every skin ailment known, including drinking it, I remembered something that is at the heart of Ever Moist. They would cut the aloe vera leaves, splitting them open and wrap them around the horse’s hoof, leaving it attached for awhile. This helped them to trim the horse’s hoof without it splitting and breaking.

Following some intensive study of Aloe Vera on the Internet, I found a gentleman in CA in his late 80’s that had grown Aloe Vera most of his life. I went to CA to learn all I could about this mysterious plant, something that Cleopatra used it in her bath water. Used for many centuries, the healing power of Aloe Vera is still a mystery. There are over 200 varieties of Aloe Vera and Ever Moist has the filet of over five different varieties. It is top secret how they extract the filet from the leaf. Frank and I tested and finally decided on the varieties that would soak into the horse’s hoof the fastest. The inclusion of Tea Tree Oil was recommended by my mother who was a cosmetologist for over 30 years. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and also used to kill fungus under finger and toenails. It also acts as a preservative for the Aloe which is why we do not have to add any unnatural ingredients to Ever Moist.

There is over 10 years of my life in this bottle. We tested different containers to dispense the Ever Moist and came up with the bottle and sprayer that would deliver the spray thick and can actually be used as a flush if need be when the sprayer is fully open. The Tea Tree Oil will kill all bad bacteria and bad micro-organisms on the hoof and frog, without killing the good cells. So many products on the market today designed to kill thrush and other diseases of the hoof, also harm the good cells and in effect slow the healing process.

The frog of a horse’s hoof should feel like a pencil eraser. If too soft and mushy, thrush develops causing the horse to go lame. On the opposite side if the frog is too hard the percussion the horse endures could cause many other problems resulting in lameness. Ever Moist is a healing agent and applied consistently to either too dry or too soft and mushy, will result in a healthy hoof.

Having sold over 100,000 bottles with testimonials from horse owners, vets, farriers, dog owners, 4-H pig exhibitors, and people who use it on themselves, it is unbelievable as to the many benefits people are finding for this amazing product. Ever Moist is a product you should not be without.